Satans plans

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There are many plans of satan but in a nutshell the Bible tells us

– to kill Gods children ( Christians) and

-steal the truth from any seekers of the GOD of the BIBLE

-destroy Bible believing  Christian churches and  Bibles  

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Lets start

nigerian girls abductes may 2014

Stealing Gods children to convert them to an extremist Islam and remover their freedom in Christ and put them under the law. Sharia law

In May 2014. A radical Islamic mafia Boko Harem ( meaning western education is evil) stole children from a Christian school in Nigeria .Abduction from their parents and their faith, Christianity. The aim to sell them in the slave market for early marriage and make them into Muslims. It is punishable by death to leave this cult Islam.

A characteristic of all Satanic organisations is the refusal of liberty. Once you are initiated you cannot leave. The consequences are intimidation, threats and even murder

Picture of Nigerian  school girls paraded by Boko Harem. They have been forced to wear the uniform of Islam and recite the Quran



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  1. The enemy tries to infiltrate all Christian organisations. To get them shut down or to contaminate the Christian teaching
    Here we have the wisdom of the department of Education in Australia sending 2 Muslim student teachers into a Christian school.
    ‘Bull to a red rag’ l say
    No doubt a deliberate attempt to test our new discrimination laws

    Outcry – student teachers wearing hijabs in Christian schools

    “A furore has broken out in Queensland… Mr Mark Bensley, the Principal of Redlands College, a Christian school, is being criticised for not accepting two student teachers at the school who turned up wearing the Islamic hijab.

    When the two students came to the school, Mr Bensley politely arranged for the students to carry out their ‘teaching experience’ at a more suitable school. This is entirely appropriate, since a Christian school requires all staff to be Christian as they are all responsible for the spiritual nurturing of students.

    But the paper went looking for comments…
    The Principal of the Islamic College of Brisbane Mubarak Noor was said to be ‘disappointed’ and ‘concerned’. ( are you kidding! He knows the quran and Bible are enemies. Jerk )

    The paper found a Uniting Church minister to disagree with the school – “Uniting Church Minister Reverend Anneli Sinnko said Mr Bensley’s actions directly contradict the basic foundations of the Christian faith.”
    ( the Uniting church in Australia needs ex-comumication from Christs church . what a lot of cods whollop. The Uniting minister knows full well what the Bible says. Exactly what tenet of faith was the Principal of Redlands Christian college? Let me guess . Love your neighbour as yourself)
    The Uniting church knows how to twist scripture to pervert Christs church

    Beware the Uniting church
    Not all congregations are liberal some are still well grouind in the WORD/BIBLE
    Check them out carefully
    Actually there mane says it all.
    They are becoming MULTI-FAITH.
    Another plan of Satans Kingdom
    TO INFILTRATE CHRIST’s CHURCH and make what is truth , false

    . and that is the Bible Mr Anneli Sinnko
    “A MUSLIM student teacher has labelled a Christian school in Wyndham discriminatory for refusing her a position based on her religion. ”

    Make no mistake the Quran wants Christians exterminated or converted to Islam

  2. Satan wants to infiltrate Christian churches and mix their doctrine with the world
    Furthermore trading lies for truth

    Not all Christian churches are Bible followers
    Choose wisely.

    Here is a link showing how a church who adheres to the Bible has broken away from a sector that has gone off into political correctness rather than Bible truths

    On April 27, 2014, University Reformed Church (URC) voted 282-9 in favor of leaving the Reformed Church in America (RCA) and affiliating with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

    Let me simply say at this point that our reason for seeking to leave the RCA is not one thing, but many things. From the adoption of the Belhar Confession, to the removal of the conscience clauses related to women’s ordination, to the growing acceptance of homosexual practice in the denomination, we believe the RCA has changed significantly in the last several years. The denomination has moved away from churches like ours


  3. The violent side of Sri Lankan Buddhism

    Mob including Buddhist monks attack Christian centre in Hikkaduwa

    Nationalist Buddhist groups say their mission is to “save the Sinhala race,” which makes up 74 per cent of the population.

  4. Satans plan

    Kill any defectors from Islam and other satanic strongholds



    honor killing attempt

    “The victim, Saba … married her neighbor Muhammad Qaiser for love five days ago against the wishes of her family. They took her to Hafizabad, shot her twice and threw her in the canal after putting her in a sack, presuming that she was dead.”
    In parts of Pakistan, a Muslim nation of 180 million people, women are expected to agree to arranged marriages and refusal can lead to an “honor killing”.

    ( you see you cannot leave the boundaries that satan sets. BUT Jesus can set you free from all demonic oppression)

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