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In the end times before the Judgement and Christ’s return the Bible indicates there will be a World government.

Satan will set himself up as the King of this world government organisation

People will be forced to worship under duress

In this post l will continue to collect information and post below.

Here is start which shows this process is well underway

Here we have a recent news article showing how the United Nations Court of Law can sue the USA.

I had no idea a country could sue another and that there was already an INTERNATIONAL LAW COURT ( United Nations)

Marshall-islands-sues-US and -others-over-nuclear-arms

picture nuclear testing

THE tiny Marshall Islands is dragging the United States and eight other nuclear-armed countries to the UN’s highest court for failing to halt the nuclear arms race and rid the world of atomic weapons.

Representatives of the Marshall Islands, site of devastating nuclear tests in the mid-20th century, “yesterday filed… separate applications against nine states,”

the Hague-based International Court of Justice

said in a statement on Friday.


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  1. Illuminato aims to control world organisation especially financial sector

    International monetary fund
    World trade Centre

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