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Dear Sir / madam. I am writing to you to let you know of an organisation that is portraying my religion as a cult but yet has been taught in Christian schools since the settlement of Australia. Fundamental Bible teaching.

I have noted that Atheists have infiltrated our heritage of Christian education in schools and have a campaign assisted by the media to eradicate our Faith and discipleship

I thought that Vilification was unlawful and yet this media organisation is entertaining the BIBLE as religious cult

and in fact incriminates fundamental Christians as liars and dangerous for our children

I am going to take this matter to the appropriate authorities that deal with Vilification. Do you have an address for that government organisation?
Wondering if you would help me by using your media show to show just how persecuted the fundamental Christian church is.

Fundamentalism is not a CULT but ABS indicate it is a main stream religion.
I would like to ask for your assistance in bringing this vilification to a fair test
I will be lodging an official complaint soon
The offending media outlet is
11th June 2014 NBN in NSW (evening)
Thanks for being non/biased and recognising that the PM said Australia has a Christian heritage and by the way if you remember sunday school and RI. THat provided a basis of god Christian values and morals and a hope for eternal life through Jesus Christ

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Countless Christian schools teaching fundamentals


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    “To even dare quote a lesbian today means the gay mafia will jump all over you and you will be forced to go to a re-education camp to correct your dangerous thoughts. Yep, just like the Communists did, now the homosexual fascists are doing it: this poor guy will now receive mandatory “counselling”. That is Orwellian doublespeak for thought control.”

    “The pink mafia may bully this poor chaplain, and seduce the Libs, but I will not let them bully me, intimidate me, or silence me.”
    “There. So arrest me already. Tar and feather me already. Lock me up already. Send me to the gallows already”.

    I will never bow to these totalitarians. Never.

    Me too BILL!

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