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The Bible says the ex-communicated angel from heaven (satan/lucifer)and his angelic defectors have dominion over the earth currently.
Although invisible to our eyes and ears. These spirit beings have sway on unbelievers of the BIBLE and are often ‘puppets’ of satans plans.
Satanic spirits can also attempt to ‘lead’ Christians astray

Satan is a proud ex-angel and leaves his mark all over the globe and has done so since the ‘fall’ in then garden of Eden in the time of the first created humans ( Adam and Eve )

The kingdom of satan will fall at a time designated by the FATHER

in due time ..The Kingdom of JESUS CHRIST , the SON of GOD will rule eternally forever

Satan marks his presence around the globe

The best site that l have come across that reveals all of these marks and symbols is here

The extent of this research is breathtaking.. Be warned this evangelist lays it on the line , no ‘pussy footing’ around. Decide yourself


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  1. World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Summit
    holographic pyramid
    and Egyptians

  2. A revealing you tube of satans plans . Through symbols and theatre of high profile musicians
    Hoover Dam..

  3. Masonic and Kabbalistic Symbols
    in the Washington, D.C. Map
    (satanic symbols used throughout the world from the ant- Christ religion of free masonry)

    I make it quite clear that the following links are NOT Biblical or Christian.
    I do NOT endorse any of this content as truth. Satan deceives the world
    This is just some examples of elaborate deception by Satans organisation to prevent humans from coming to the truth of the need to be saved from our sins so we will not perish
    The BIBLE is the truth and your ONLY GUIDE

    How do l know its anti-Christ religion?

    EASY they don’t preach Jesus the son of GOD, saviour of our souls and our King to come
    Masonic and Kabbalistic symbols
    (Note: this researcher does not acknowledge Masonry as Satanic)

    Masonic and Kabbalistic Symbols
    in the Washington, D.C. Map



    counterfeit of the BIBLE : Masonic symbols
    ( coat of arms)

    More satanic symbols of MASONRY
    Note the all seeing eye and the crescent moon, the dragon


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