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Satan and his Kingdom will desire to control what you can talk about ( petition, lobby, media control, Government control, workplace control, education control.. etc)

This could incorporate threats of loss of employment or income, bullying, jail and even the death sentence. Look around the world !!

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gagging speech

The Australian Christian lobby (ACL) has a campaign currently


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  1. Lobby against the gagging of Cranbourne sth Parents by Joe Kelly
    Joe is also prohibiting the teaching of religion in his school ( atheism/secularism)

    To the Attorney General
    30 April, 2014
    Human Rights Policy Branch Attorney-General’s Department….. 3-5 National Circuit BARTON ACT 2600
    RE: the Gagging of free speech/or complaints of the parents of school children to the media by Principal Joe Kelly of Cranbourne sth Primary school
    and call his word above ALL others including his employer

    From : Susan Morrow
    101 Anne st Chinderah NSW 2487
    Mobile phone: 0499 252 294
    Dear Sir
    I am writing to you to investigate and take action .
    After watching A current Affair on the 11th June 2014
    program viewed on ACA on the 11th June 2014 on NBN in NSW (Chinderah 2487) at7pm
    The content is also published on- line here

    Apart from the obvious vilification of Bible believing christians. I noticed JOE KELLY the Principal of Cranbourne sth Primary school was boasting that
    he was defying his Employer. ( The directorate of Education : Ministry of Education).
    He has touted that he has single handedly removed Special religious education from his school regardless of ministry directives for it to continue with modifications /new guideleines
    I notice JOE KELY was supporting FIRIS an atheist/secular lobby group.and major sponsors affiliated with the sydney atheist and global atheist movement of Steven Hawkings.
    ( happy to provide that proof if you require)
    Whilst researching Joe kelly ‘s school prospectus and statement of values , l was horified when l came across his NEWSLETTER sent out
    to all parents , May 2014
    In the newslettter he published the schools staement of values .
    JOE KELLY at Cranbourne sth Primary school
    statement of the schools
    MAY 2014
    OK .. so whats sinister here?

     inappropriately uses social media as a forum to raise concerns/make complaints against the school

    CONSEQUENCES Principals are responsible for determining what constitutes reasonable and unreasonable behaviour.
    Unreasonable behaviour and/or failure to uphold the principles of this Statement of Values may lead to further investigation and the implementation of appropriate consequences.
    This may include:  utilising mediation and counselling services  alternative communication strategies being applied  formal notice preventing entry onto school premises or attendance at school activities. Written notice will follow any verbal notice given.  an intervention order being sought informing the police which may result in a charge of trespass or assault
    No wonder Christians didn’t want to complain about Christian education being removed. He has threatened them.
    There are consequences for speaking up to the media
    Also a concern is that the Principal states that ……….HE ALONE DETERMINES WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG?!!!

    As a parent. Try to challenge that!
    Copy of statement of values here
    This was published in the schools news letter of May 2104
    We should be concerned that principal JOE Kelly is leading and all the principals to come inbto line with his views ?
    Concern re: Removal of right to contact the media about any concerns about the school and his god like dictate

    JOE KELLY is prepared to defy his employer the ministry of education to promote his beliefs of atheism and the anti-Christian lobby and calls others to join him! Mutiny?
    On Principal Joe Kelly…quote
    “SRI by its very nature is disruptive, divisive and anti-educational,” Cranbourne South Primary School principal Joe Kelly said. “We would be serving our young people better by providing a religious studies program …

    JOE KELLY’s _AGENDA to ban CRI in his school

    Whilst JOE KELLY is happy to have free speech to tout his atheist / secular agenda , l see he has trouble with his childrens parents having free speech to complain to the media
    with threats and implications
    I look to you to rectify the defying principal and have SRI according to the new directorate guidelines but above all else , have JOE KELLY put in his place and have removed his contract with parents removed
    of Preventing complaints to the media
    Removing his power to decide that HE ALONE ( as he says) determines what is right and wrong in HIS? school.. ( what a gag/control on our rights as parents and concerned citizens in public schools)

    I declare my interests as a Christian evangelist, retired secondary teacher and having a daughter who is likely top have children go to this school in the future

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