False religions

Satan over millennia has created many false religions.
This is in defiance of GOD of the BIBLE who says we must worship the one and only GOD .The great I AM .
GOD has a Son ,who the FATHER sent to save us from the enslavement of satan and sin and his false religions which lead us to perishing for ever.
It is important to know what religions are false …..and there are many !
Mary is not the queen of heaven
x..Saints cannot save us from our sins
X..Islam is anti-Christ
X..Jewish Israelites do not accept Jesus of the cross
X..Hindu does not acknowledge the atonement of the Son of GOD, the Christ
X..Atheists do not believe in GOD and certainly not the need to be pardoned of our sins
X..Some Good works alone will not absolve your sins and give you entry into GODs new Kingdom
X..Witchcraft is banned in the Bible as the craft calls on demons to implement spells
X..Wikka ( is witchcraft)BANNED By God as demonic
X..Pagan worship is the worship of many gods. Egyptians, Druids, etc.this is prohibited by the GOD of the BIBLE.
X..You must also be careful of some Christian churches that are abandoning BIBLE teachings in favour of political correctness and multi-faith /pantheon of gods . Some also deny the atonement of Christ, the resurrection and the power of the GOD of the BIBLE
X..You cannot JUST ADD Jesus Christ to you collection of gods in the worship of multi-faith / esoteric religions. You CANNOT have one foot in the darkness and one in the light
x.. consulting the dead and mediums /channelling is forbidden as is all communication WITH DEMONS
X.. including Ouija boards which contact demons is forbidden
X.. sacrificing to demons/gods is prohibited
X..sacred stones and icons/images dedicated to demonic gods is prohibited
X.. Satanism is prohibited
X.. hypnotherapy can provide openings for the demonic to enter. Don’t!
X.. Fortune telling and astrology is demonic

You must only walk the narrow path through the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO SALVATION FROM DEATH

The BIBLE is the truth and explains clearly that the Father, Son and Holy spirit are in agreement and union and form the headship of the universe
No other religions can provide a way to eternal life and fellowship with GOD through Jesus Christ the Son of GOD

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  1. 18th June 2014
    Here we have an example of ‘catholic ?’ primeminister Tony Abbott of Australia attending and opening the multi -god museum in BALI.
    As a Bible believer this should grate you.
    Christians do NOT endorse multi-god religions.
    So what was Tony Abbott doing over there opening this museum dedicated to a country that rejoices in its multi- god stance.
    Political correctness for tony apparently overrules his Catholic/Christian beliefs.
    Gee. When we are put to the test, many of us FAIL !

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