Susan Morrow became a Christian at 14 yrs of age. That is now some 40 yrs ago.
I have lived in Australia since l was 9 yrs of age

I had searched and read many religious texts . When l read the Bible l was overtaken by the POWER  of the WORDS.
The BIBLE is a ‘living breathing’ supernatural book . Inspired by God for all of us Humans  to read.

I believe the Bible as the TRUTH. …….ALL  OF THE BIBLE IS TRUTH

I have read the Bible .

Much of the  BIBLE shocks or rocks’ you.

Hopefully this blog will encourage you to have a BIBLE in your home and read it as though it is  the bread of life.

The Bible tells how Satan currently rules this earth due to his treachery and deceit.
The Bible tells how God redeems his stolen and lost creation and restores a remnant set aside as citizens  for His new creation . THE NEW KINGDOM

The old will pass and the new will reign



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