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Beware False Prophets

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Anyone who does not teach the Bible and the WORD contained therein is a FALSE PROPHET

Here l will attempt to develop a list of Christian pretenders and those who intend to lead the flock astray



THe rainbow colors and ribbons of joy is a smoke screen for a teaching that goes down the broad road to destruction
The GOD of the BIBLE …NEVER… taught GAY was OK

BEWARE national diversity awards promoting un biblical role models

Some contenders
Rev ? Not Sharon ferguson (Positive Role Model Award – Race/Faith/Religion)
positive role model for LGBT ( gay movement)

Reverend ? NOT ..Stephen Sorby (Positive Role Model Award – Race/Faith/Religion)
false prophet

Notice Stephen never uses the word GOD or JESUS in his application for Faith role model
and where is the rainbow neck piece here . A wolf masquerading as a lamb
quote from his resume
Stephen is actively involved in ‘TRAINBOW’ which works with the LGBTI railway community & he leads the faith elements of the World AIDS day service on 1 December. A platform he uses to dispel stigma and isolation.
Recently, he has created the ‘Agape Community’ which is a fellowship for LGBTQI Christians to meet & share with each other in faith. This was to meet their needs as they had felt ‘unwelcome’/marginalised by the ‘church’. This meets fortnightly with a view to developing it further over this coming year. He also traded his white dog collar for a rainbow one in response to the House of Bishops pastoral statement around clergy & equal marriage.

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